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Clara makes scheduling decisions using the details of each request, your availability and preset preferences, and natural email conversation.

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CC Clara in an email conversation.

Clara will use the information in your email and the preset preferences in your dashboard to find the best options.

Alex Klerk To: Jenn Garrett CC: Clara
Mar 20 9:34AM

Hi Jenn,

Would love to show you a demo of our product. Are you free on Tuesday to chat? CC’ing Clara to get this on the calendar.




Clara will take over coordination

Using professional, conversational language, Clara will send emails to compare availability, follow up with unresponsive participants, and gather contact details.

Clara To: Jenn Garrett CC: Alex Klerk
Mar 20 9:45AM

Hi Jenn,

Happy to help find a time for you and Alex to talk.

Would Tuesday (March 24) at 11:30AM PST or at 3:30PM PST work?

Feel free to suggest other times if none of these work.



Jenn Garrett To: Clara CC: Alex Klerk
Mar 20 11:17AM

Let's do 11:30AM. Thanks, Clara!




Everyone gets the meeting invitation

Once Clara finds the time that works, everyone in the group will get a calendar invitation. Clara can also send meeting reminders and manage rescheduling requests.

Clara To: Jenn Garrett CC: Alex Klerk
Mar 20 11:51AM

Great! I just sent out a calendar invite with the following details.

Call: Alex, Jenn

When: Tuesday (March 24) 11:30AM - 12:30PM PST

Where: Google Hangouts

Have a wonderful day!



Clara always finds the best solution

Scheduling a calendar full of meetings and calls takes time and focus—and it’s hard to plan for conflicts and last-minute rescheduling. Clara’s software finds the ideal times automatically.

Confirm with every contact

Clara is fast and reliable, so your pitch or collaboration won’t lose momentum to scheduling details.

Reduce no-shows

Clara will send automated meeting reminders to make sure everyone will be there.

Clara To: Jenn Garett CC: Alex Klerk
Mar 24 9:00AM

Hi Jenn,

Just a quick reminder about your call with Alex. Let me know if you’re unable to attend or need to reschedule, otherwise, you’re all set!

Call: Alex, Jenn
When: Tuesday (Mar 24) 11:30pm - 12:30pm PST



Don’t let rescheduling block you

If someone needs to make a change, Clara will take care of it. You won’t miss the chance to connect with an important client, prospect, or partner.

Clara To: Jenn Garett CC: Alex Klerk
Mar 23 4:30PM

Hi Jenn,

Happy to help get this rescheduled.
Would a phone call on Wednesday (Mar 25) at 1:30pm PST or Thursday (Mar 26) at 1:30pm PST work for you?



Every day, your schedule will be prepared for you.

Clara lets you focus on connecting with the people you’re meeting with.

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