Clara works from your inbox.

Nothing to download; nothing complex -- just an in-email scheduling assistant to compliment your workflow.

Simply CC Clara in an email.
Once you CC Clara, Clara will use a combination of email context and preset preferences to make scheduling decisions on your behalf. You can give Clara as little or as much context in an email as you prefer.
Alicia Klerk To: Jenn Garrett CC: Clara
Mar 24 9:34AM

Hi Jenn,

Would love to show you a demo of our product. Are you free on Tuesday to chat? CC’ing Clara to get this on the calendar.



Let Clara handle the in-email coordination
Clara handles suggesting times as many times as needed, following up with unresponsive parties, and collecting any necessary contact information.
Clara To: Jenn Garrett CC: Alicia Klerk
Mar 24 9:45AM

Hi Jenn,

Happy to help find a time for you and Alex to talk.

Would Tuesday (March 28) at 11:30am PST or at 3:30pm PST work?

Feel free to suggest other times if none of these work.



Jenn Garrett To: Clara CC: Alex Klerk
Mar 24 11:17am

Let's do 11:30am. Thanks Clara!



... and the final details.
Once a time has been confirmed, Clara sends out meeting invitations to all guests. Clara can also send meeting confirmation emails to all participants 24 hours before the meeting to make sure everyone shows up.
Clara To: Jenn Garrett CC: Alicia Klerk
Mar 24 11:51am

Great! I just sent out a calendar invite with the following details.

Call: Alex, Jenn

When: Tuesday (March 24) 11:30am - 12:30pm PST

Where: Google Hangouts

Have a wonderful day!



Personalize Clara for your ideal workflow.

Unlimited Calendar Integrations

Sync Clara with as many calendars as you need. Clara uses the calendars to determine your day-to-day availability.

Customizable Assistant Profile

Host Clara on your domain, or even change Clara's name to make your assistant feel more like part of the team.

Adjustable Email Visibility

Keep yourself looped in on Clara's emails to see how Clara is communicating, or chose to step off the thread and let Clara manage the rest.

Automatic Reschedules

Clara takes care of all rescheduling logistics including reaching out to participants, and changing invitation details.

Persistent Follow Ups

Clara sends followups when any party is unresponsive, so a meeting is never forgotten.

Intelligent Conference Room Support

Clara supports automatic conference room reservations for meetings.

Clara is a trusted member of the team.

  • Starting Deals

    With automated marketing sales emails, Clara can help you quickly turn initial interest into scheduled sales calls. While Clara handles the email coordination, you can focus on other details.

  • Managing Priorities

    Through preset codewords, Clara can understand who you need to meet with ASAP and who you can meet with later.

  • Keeping you focused

    Scheduling with another person takes on average 3 emails back-and-forth. Clara gives you that time back to accomplish more of the other tasks at hand while leaving you confident your calendar is being well managed.

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