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Clara is your partner in doing great work — a virtual employee that schedules your meetings.

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Simply add Clara to any email, and Clara will take care of scheduling back-and-forth on your behalf. With Clara managing your meetings, all you have to do is show up.

1:30 PM
Helen <> Ellie
Selection Committee Interview
Helen to call Ellie at 415-314-1519

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Automatic Follow-Ups

No more forgetting to reach back out: Clara does your follow-ups for you. Save yourself hundreds of emails; let Clara make sure every meeting gets on your calendar.

Natural Language

Clara interacts with everyone in natural language via email, just like you would. Clara is a full-time teammate, dedicated to your scheduling and calendar.

24/7 Response

Work is always on and speed is key. Clara is attentive whenever you or your clients need help, anywhere in the world.
Cindy Wu

Cindy Wu

CEO, Experiment

"Clara was most useful when I was on the road. For the last 3 months I've been driving around America visiting scientists. Clara makes it seem like I have an assistant with me without worrying about actually having a human assistant."

John Milinovich

John Milinovich

Product Manager, Pinterest

"I've been using Clara for over 6 months now and have saved 100's of hours in scheduling and saved 1,000's of emails from surfacing to my inbox. It's been awesome working with Clara to meet my exact needs as a business owner and I am excited to continue rolling out Clara to the rest of my team!"

Andy Sparks

Andy Sparks

Co-Founder, Mattermark

"Before we signed up for Clara, our calendars were a mess and our team members spent a lot of time scheduling. Today, scheduling calls and meetings feels effortless. Clara has enabled us to save the company money and free our team members up to focus on what they do best."

"Prioritize calls in the afternoons, but I’m happy to do mornings if that doesn’t work out."
"I'm sick, can you reschedule all of my meetings on Tuesday?"
"Add weekly recurring one on ones to my calendar with Oliver, Tuhin, and Stephen."
"Can you add the phone number to the event description?"
"Reach out to schedule sales meetings with these ten people during my upcoming conference."
"For meetings in-office, please include this info about building access to the meeting invitation."

Machine Intelligence.

Human Support.

Clara adapts to your workflow, no matter the complexity. Clara's machine intelligence is backed 24/7 by experienced Executive Assistants, promising a simple and delightful experience for you and your meeting guests.

"Can you reach back out to Shelly next week to get that call back on calendar?"
"During my trip to New York, only schedule phone calls before 11am PST."
"Add Universal Cafe as my favorite dinner location, and make sure I always have a reservation."
"Remind me in three months to meet up with Matt again."
"Give me a 15 minute buffer for travel after my meetings at Stable Cafe"
"Add weekly recurring one on ones to my calendar with Michael, Stephen, and Evan"

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