I‘m Clara, your always–on virtual assistant.

Clara handles your meetings, so you can focus on what matters.

Cc Clara.

Focus on things that matter.

Simply add Clara to any email, and Clara will take care of scheduling back-and-forth on your behalf. With Clara managing your meetings, all you have to do is show up.

1:30 PM
Helen <> Ellie
Selection Committee Interview
Helen to call Ellie at 415-314-1519

Save Time. Reduce Stress.

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Responsive 24/7

Work is always on and speed is key. Clara is attentive whenever you or your clients need help, no matter the time of day or the timezone someone is in.

Understands You

Your calendar and relationships are precious. Clara is built to learn about you so Clara can manage your meetings just like you would. The best part? You can see it all in the Clara dashboard.


Balancing relationships can be complex. Luckily, Clara does your follow-ups, meeting reminders, and potential rescheduling, all while being extremely professional. You can trust Clara to handle your relationships properly.
Tiffany Shlain

Tiffany Shlain

CEO, Let it Ripple Film Studio

"Clara Labs has absolutely changed the way our business operates. Clara schedules so efficiently, and with such great communication — it has saved so much time, money and worry about balls being dropped. It frees my team to use their brains in other ways. We LOVE our assistant Clara."

Maximillian Roos

Maximillian Roos

CIO, Sixty Capital

"Clara literally saves me hours of scheduling every week. I can CC her and feel completely comfortable she'll coordinate scheduling reasonably or escalate when needed. And people are shocked when they learn she's not a real person."

Daniela Ligiero

Daniela Ligiero

CEO, Together For Girls

"Clara has changed my life! We are a non-profit with a small staff, and all the time I used to spend on scheduling is now spent on doing good. Clara is easy to use, efficient, and also very polite!"

“Only schedule coffee before 3pm.”
"I'm sick, can you reschedule all of my meetings on Tuesday?"
"No in-person meetings on Fridays, I work from home."
"Can you add the phone number to the event description?"
"Clara, please find a good time for the team (CC’d) to meet to discuss our sales goals for next month."
"For meetings in-office, please include this info about building access in the meeting invitation."

Machine Intelligence.

Human Support.

Clara adapts to your workflow, no matter the complexity. Clara's machine intelligence is backed 24/7 by experienced Executive Assistants, promising a delightful experience for you and your meeting guests.

"Can you reach back out to Shelly next week to get that call back on calendar?"
"Add a check in with Michael, Stephen, and Evan to my calendar."
"Add Universal Cafe as my favorite dinner location."
"Remind me in three months to meet up with Matt again."
"Please leave me 15 minutes for notes between calls.
"I'm taking a 3-day weekend. Please rearrange my meetings to fit this Monday off."

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