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Clara uses intelligent software and an expert team to schedule your interviews and take care of every candidate.

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Connect with more candidates Clara will schedule intakes and phone screens automatically

Clara finds the most efficient way of getting an interview scheduled. Because Clara is always available and responsive, you’ll get more conversations scheduled and connect with more great candidates.

Schedule candidates with interviewers Clara will coordinate scheduling as candidates move through the funnel

When it’s time for you to introduce a candidate to an interviewer, let Clara compare their availability, find a time that works, and send calendar invitations. You won’t have to handle the logistics—Clara will ensure the scheduling process is fast and seamless.

Get scheduling support right from your inbox

Clara makes scheduling decisions using the details of each request, your availability and preferences, and natural email conversation.


CC Clara in an email conversation.

Clara will use the information in your email and the preset preferences in your dashboard to find the best options.

Alex Klerk To: Jenn Garrett CC: Clara
Mar 20 9:34AM

Hi Jenn,

Would love to show you a demo of our product. Are you free on Tuesday to chat? CC’ing Clara to get this on the calendar.




Clara will take over coordination

Using professional, conversational language, Clara will send emails to compare availability, follow up with unresponsive participants, and gather contact details.

Clara To: Jenn Garrett CC: Alex Klerk
Mar 20 9:45AM

Hi Jenn,

Happy to help find a time for you and Alex to talk.

Would Tuesday (March 24) at 11:30AM PST or at 3:30PM PST work?

Feel free to suggest other times if none of these work.



Jenn Garrett To: Clara CC: Alex Klerk
Mar 20 11:17AM

Let's do 11:30AM. Thanks, Clara!




Everyone gets the meeting invitation

Once Clara finds the time that works, everyone in the group will get a calendar invitation. Clara can also send meeting reminders and manage rescheduling requests.

Clara To: Jenn Garrett CC: Alex Klerk
Mar 20 11:51AM

Great! I just sent out a calendar invite with the following details.

Call: Alex, Jenn

When: Tuesday (March 24) 11:30AM - 12:30PM PST

Where: Google Hangouts

Have a wonderful day!



Technology that builds on human experience

Technology that builds on human expertise

Clara’s scheduling assistants use smart software to find the best solutions for every request. This human-in-the-loop approach ensures speed and accuracy, but also clear communication for you and your candidates.

Clara comes with a growing list of customization and automation features.

Scheduling from your inbox

Clara reads and responds to scheduling requests in natural language, over email.

Availability settings

Set when you want to be booked for interviews, how many you’ll have in a day, and how long they should typically last.

24/7 scheduling support

Clara responds to requests and meeting declines—any day, any time.

Success reporting

Clara Labs can provide regular reporting, so you can see your whole scheduling pipeline.

Follow-ups and reminders

Clara will follow up when candidates are unresponsive and send reminders for confirmed interviews.

Automatic rescheduling

When a candidate needs to reschedule, Clara will find a new time and get it booked.

Codeword instructions

Use codewords to tell Clara how to handle specific types of requests like phone screens or reference calls.

Email visibility controls

Decide if Clara should keep you on email threads or complete requests without adding to your inbox.

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